If Feminism Frightens You, Become A Better Man

Samantha Sophia
Samantha Sophia

“27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism” is one of many, many articles, which seek to further the advancement of ‘strong male leadership’ part of which includes the encouragement of female submission.

Said encouragement is argued using the typical tactics: further the idea that women should not seek to develop a strong sense of self-advocacy, that they should not ‘let themselves go’, that they should not be well-educated (“The Case Against Female Education” by Matt Forney) and that they should not get jobs. Why? Because those things make them unattractive to men.

This non-argument is ineffective, and never will be effective, because it is one that operates under the illusion that feminist women want to be attractive to the men on these sites.

In fact, once these men realize that feminist women have zero interest in trying to please them, or in the idea that they should want to be interested in trying to please them, almost all of their arguments collapse.

The ones that don’t collapse under this rule are still easily dismissed by other realizations. I am pleased to be the one to point them out.

1. Feminism Is Unattractive To Men.

And…? First off, it’s not unattractive to men. It’s unattractive to cowards. These women don’t care about having Return of Kings-type men like them. They’re not interested in submission-they’re interested in relationships.

They seek real men, as in men who aren’t so terrified of looking lesser compared to a female that he runs away. A feminist looks for a man who wants connection, not an ego boost. And if she can’t find one? She moves on with her life.

It’s kind of, like, a huge part of the feminist movement that women have lives beyond trying to get guys.

Additionally there is, of course, nothing wrong with simply not caring at all. There are women who are not focused on men or relationships or hooking up, for one entirely valid reason or another. The misogynistic man simply can not wrap his head around this. This is because he seeks validation through his ability to dominate, and without that, he feels as though his identity is in crisis.

The feminist women he hates do not suffer this ailment, since she, unlike the misogynistic man, doesn’t care about her skill in commanding members of the opposite sex, nor does she associate with members of her own sex who think that she should. She should be lauded for her inability to let anyone else, male or female, assign worth to her. She assigns it for herself. Even if she is mocked for this attitude, it doesn’t matter. Trying to call her ugly, or unappealing to men, or say that she should care more about appealing to men, will not get her to change her ways.

2. “Well, whatever, I don’t want to hook up with with a bitch like that anyway.”

Even if the misogynistic man says this, he still can not deny that he wants her submission; this is the whole point of making his arguments against feminism. And why? Though he may not want to have sexual relations with the feminist herself, he is still afraid of her. He is afraid that the women he does want to get with will start to listen.

The Return-of-Kings-type male feels as though his worth as a man is defined by how well he dominates others and how healthy his sex life is. When women are not submitting, he feels as though there have been limits imposed on his ability to prove his worth as a man.

This does not mean there should be less strong women. It means there is a problem with his mindset, and one worthy of pity.

Just like how a woman should not feel like her life if de by her ability to please men, a man’s life should not be defined by his ability to get women into submission. And yet the misogynist suffers this mentality anyway, whether he will admit it or not. It is sad that he suffers this, because all humans, male and female, should be able to assign a type of value to their lives that only they themselves control.

3. “Why are you bitching so much? Women in Middle Eastern countries have it way worse!”

True. But coming from the misogynist male, this is decadent hypocrisy. He doesn’t care about the rights of women in his own country, and therefore is no one to remind others about the need for increased rights for women in certain Middle Eastern nations.

Everyone can see that this is another attempt to minimize the feminist voice.

In short: misogynist men, your rules do not apply to us. We don’t care if you find us ugly; in fact, if someone like you is not attracted to us, that is a high compliment.

We know that you are afraid that feminism is limiting your ability to get hot girls, who might fall prey to our nonsense. But we are not the problem. If feminism frightens you, become a better man.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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