Pay Attention

You will find yourself entranced by a blood orange moon, her light dripping out of space and into waves speckled by her light, like freckles forming constellations incomparable to the heavens.

You will be subdued and chilled by the cold breeze, her air calling us all to stillness and revelation like sharp breaths before the culmination of ferocious passion that lies inside, untamed.

The morning mist will encapsulate you and linger still, mocking clarity and direction and assurance with her thick cloak of ambiguity. Alluring yet comforting in her confidence; she dictates light.

You will bow to clouds that are gatekeepers of the sunrise, for when she returns, she does so with purpose, with declaration, needing no attention or awe for she knows she is necessary, and adored.

She will whisper to you answers, unclear, and make you remember who you haven’t become yet.

Pity the fool who forgets Nature, for she is humbling us all and only when we fall to our knees will we realize how sweet it is to kiss the dirt. You will feel lost in intricacies of mystery and chaos, and you will find her.

The still and sturdy mountains will move you.

The sky in its vastness will silence your insecurities.

The clouds will muffle your self-deprecation.

You mustn’t do the natural world a disservice as detrimental as not honoring the worlds inside of you.

Greet fear with open arms.

Live in its presence to let it remind you how sweet safety feels in its absence.

Fall deeply in love with Chaos,

So that when Calm comes knocking at your door, you can greet her warmly, asking,

“Where have you been all this time?”

Simplicity interlacing her fingers with complexity.

Broken hearts stitched together with pure intentions and fiber threads of sunbeam.

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