A Concise List Of Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

1. The world isn’t fair but yours can be.

2. Intention is everything. Do it on purpose.

3. Be honest with yourself, then others.

4. The weight of the world does not rest on your shoulders. Share it or let it go.

5. You do not have to show up to every argument you’re invited to.

6. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Find out what you need to refill.

7. Always answer with love.

8. “No.” is a complete sentence. You do not need to be an approval seeking creature.

9. Burnt bridges do not light a forward path.

10. You are perfect.

11. Use your passion as fuel for what makes your soul dance.

12. Think before you speak/write/share; is it true? Is it nice? Is it necessary?

13. Who does this battle serve?

14. Be brave with your life.

15. You will not please everyone, you answer to you.

16. Rest is productive.

17. Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.

18. Be the most honest, unabridged version of yourself, and follow your heart.

19. Don’t ask yourself what you want to do, ask yourself how you want to feel.

20. Stop worrying about getting other people to like you; get you to like you.

21. The world needs you for something important.

22.  Say thank you. Every day.

23. Give yourself permission to breathe fire and fly.

24. You attract who you are not who you want.

25. Learn new skills, break bad habits, tinker with shit and always grow.

26. Wait for someone who wants you to take care of you before them. Who loves all of you, not the convenient parts.

27. Life is a tapestry. There is no point where you aren’t in control.

28. “Save your sorrys for something sad.”

29. “Life will unfold in proportion to your courage.”

30. Always choose yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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