The Difference Between A Girl And A Woman

Brooke Cagle


Vain. Bossy. Emotional. Demanding. Obnoxious. Talk too much. Complain too much. Eat too little. Eat too much. Too fat. Too skinny. Too confident. Too shy. Nerd. Bimbo. Flat-chested. Too huge boobs. Slut. Cheap. Weird. Fake. Lame. Childish. Overreact. Overthink.

Okay, we get it.

Girls have a million sides and a billion more emotions. Let’s not forget the mood swings. And the PMS.

But one day, a girl will become a woman. And a woman wants to be many things.

A woman wants to be ALL of what a girl is. But that’s not all. She wants to be…

Intelligent. Knowledgeable. Sexy. Curious. Smart. Loyal. Trustworthy. Giving. Generous. Honest. Compassionate. Passionate. Empowered. The list goes on…

A woman wants to be what a man can be.

Most importantly, whether she is a girl yesterday or a woman tomorrow, she wants to be beautiful.

She wants to be valued for the right things.

Don’t call her pretty; tell her she’s beautiful. That you love her and what she does. And that you admire the things that she does and the struggles she faces every day.

Tell her she’s beautiful when she has oily hair or when she’s in her little black dress. Tell her that you admire the way she thinks, the way she talks, and the way she moves.

Don’t tell her she looks hot in that body-hugging dress. Tell her to have her chin up and shoulders straight. Tell her to walk out of the house with confidence. Tell her to kick ass.

Well.If you don’t have someone who might tell you all of this…

Then look into the mirror.

Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her to be stronger than yesterday and embrace tomorrow’s struggles. Value the woman in the mirror for the right things.

Chin up and go get it. Girl Almighty, baby. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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