The Five Biggest Reasons Your “Choice” Matters In This Election

“This is a union divided. Roughly half of this country wants a white america with plentiful factory jobs, yet they live in an America where black gays are legally allowed to wed, and their factory jobs will be completely automated in the next 5 years. They are fucking scared. We have to spend time listening to them, the middle class forgotten…”

-The Fat Jew

You matter.

There are many challenges with our political system, and when broken down into their most basic parts, it becomes a matter of your purpose (love) or your fear (hate), and a power struggle not just between those two polar emotions, but for “control” over you.

The good news is that control does not exist and your choice matters. Our society is a complex organism that has been attempting to exert influence over our choice; whether it’s the email scandal perpetuated further by the FBI (who then quietly retracted with lesser media fanfare), or the “grab her by the pussy” scandal (it’s possible a man could change, and those could no longer be his values), let’s note that we are being led in one of three directions in a choice (chose one, the other, or neither).

Most importantly, our basic right to choose is being attacked from all sides, and we each individually need a strategy for how to handle it.

Make no mistake; this country is divided, and regardless of the outcome, we have to deal with all of these problems. Whatever choice YOU make is one we all live with, and we need to understand not only it’s importance, but how to heal a divided nation — how to combat our most fundamental problems piece by piece.

1. You Are Influential

Whether you regard Facebook as a liberal echo chamber, or social forum for the exchange of free thought, you will note that there are mechanisms and platforms you have to influence those around you.

Our influence is based in large part how we connect with people — some connect on a “fear” basis, perpetuating the frustration we all feel with various parts of our society. In the case of fear, particularly with Trump, we are choosing to blow the system apart, rather than understand the deep mechanics and complexities involved to fix the problem. We deem the problem has no solution other than complete disruption.
Do your homework, and dig in. There are many solutions, and ways to handle these challenges, but first, you need a plan.

2. You Have A Plan – Your Choice Reflects It

Whether you recognize it or not, you have committed to some type of plan in this, and it tells much about who you are.

In many cases we ourselves are scared — I am. I’ve done my homework on Hillary, and her track record resonates with my sense of purpose (healthcare, environment, education, and innovation). She’s not a crook, and has been largely marginalized, because whether we like it or not, a woman in power for the last few generations has been regarded as “a bitch.” It’s how we’ve treated them, and look at us — we still do.

As the Jew said, people are scared for their jobs, and their are some simple solutions that are complex to implement — I heard from one of the former senior white house advisors yesterday that we can create tax rebates for the major industry segments (Steal, Coal, Automotive, etc) for innovation, which would upgrade their businesses to stay competitive with global markets to create jobs. It’s a MAJOR implementation problem, but it’s part of my plan.

3. You Want To Be Heard, And You Will Listen

I plan to listen to the grievances of people getting TRUMP tattoo’d on their heads to understand why they are scared, and how I can connect with them. I have to live in a country with them regardless of the outcome.

Is there plan to rebel? Break the system rather than fix it? Do they really believe Hillary is a crook? Clinton Global scandals or Wall Street interests are too damn scary?

How do we collectively build a better plan?

I believe we listen, and build around love and purpose. Simple. Let’s fucking go.

4. You Determine The Direction Of Fear Or Love

So very few people really take responsibility for their part in the election; Les Moonves has two great and talented children who I’ve known over the years, and is by all accounts a great dad and American. I heard recently that he was recorded expressing contrition for the media’s contribution in this — the ratings were so damn good with Trump, they couldn’t NOT cover the guy.

All of us has the choice of what message we push, and that MATTERS. Your life matters. I cannot possibly understand what my gay half Spanish/Scottish friend goes through on a daily basis, nor do I understand fully the plight of women, of sexual abuse, BUT I KNOW THAT HAPPINESS IS NOT FOR A FRACTION OF US BUT FOR US ALL.

I have had it the fucking EASIEST (I’m a white straight male born into an upper middle class family), and I know we need to change, and I will drive it through love and acceptance as best as I can, as I have been a part of this problem for too long and owe MANY people apologies. I believe in love, compassion, forgiveness, and helping everyone we can.

5. You Want This Shit To Stop

We all want this shit to stop. Your choice guides that. “We’ve been living in a straight white man’s world” one friend recently said, and he’s right. I know it needs to change, because the violence, hate, fear, and unrest is not a long term solution. Whether you are mildly annoyed about hearing it in the media, or you a generally concerned about the planet, the suffering, you want it to stop.

I’m tired of trying to push a complex series of problems with solutions of varying complexity into a fucking simple message to get you to do what I want — I want you, to just be you, love you, and do you. I believe in YOU. If you pattern sort correctly, come to your own conclusions, take responsibility, listen, and communicate with me, then I believe we will come to the right choice and we will be ready to build regardless of outcome.

Understand that anger is frustrated love, that fear may not provide solutions, and that more than anything, I want to build with all of you, and listen as best as I can, but I KNOW we cannot do this alone.

Also know that I’m with love. I’m with my mom, all mothers, women, gays, blacks, latinos, the planet, and many friends struggling with jobs and happiness. I’m with them all. And so is she, so I’m with her.

But know there is nothing on the planet that will stop me from trying to love and embrace Donald Trump, because I’ve met his daughter Ivanka several times; she’s one of the more beautiful beings on the planet, and loved by two of my best friends — if he can produce such goodness there is goodness in him. He’s hurt, trades mostly in fear, has been juggling failed businesses throughout his career, and regardless of the outcome, he will need to be listened to and loved considerably.

You matter, you’re being challenged:

Because this is our fucking shit and amazing world, and I’m begging you to help me figure out how we are all going to live in it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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