A Note On Goodbye, To The One That Found A Way

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There’s an apology inherent in a goodbye. A special place we reserve for lost love, when we turn toward a new beginning, with a discomfort for change and a longing for familiarity which almost has us enduring more. It is to say I’m sorry we cannot continue in this place/direction/time/manner but I wish you well. And in those hollow words where we kill hope just to give it life, we save ourselves the last remaining vestiges of a love we once reserved for someone else.

I wrote a love song. For you. For you were the one that got away. Not the one I lost, the one destroyed, the one toxified or martyred. No, simply the one that got away.

The depth of the remorse is anchored in a confusion which remains one of the two key languages of the heart (the other being betrayal). For it takes a tremendous effort and will to understand goodbye. And it may never make any real sense.

I’ve been fortune-favored and blessed beyond measure with immaculate friendships and easy transitions save for some traumatic occurrences. I’ve seen more beauty than most and consider myself beset on all sides by Hope. Were there only more time for love’s ever-enduring lessons… for the rise from the ashes and rebirth of such things is the stardust upon which poets build  dreams. We are ever here. Anew. We are timeless in our moment as in our mortality. We are part of this never-ending wheel of birth and death, and we are bound only to that truth that what is born must die.

I wrote a love song. Not to mourn your absence, but to celebrate your being. To memorialize the beauty just before we say goodbye and we are both replaced in rebirth. To hold to the variants or what could and would, and to smile wistfully at was.

But oh to hold to what will be, and live in this moment, bathed in starlight as in gratitude. How brief and beautiful it all is, shaped into a precious and perfect nature by its mortality. That we have the chance to live, and that we give it meaning.

So for wherever you find yourself reborn, may you ever keep what serves you in this life as in this song. May it mean the world.

We wrote a love song. For you were the one that found a way.

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