5 Ways You Can Create Progressive Change When You Feel Out Of Control

Prachanart Viriyaraks
Prachanart Viriyaraks

We are. Beyond doing we are being, therefore, We are. It’s the simplest truth we have and the first we have forgetten. Our very nature often eludes us, and our motivations are often fear driven by regret of the past and the worry for the future, making us reactive. We are. There is an innocent honest beauty in it behind three deep and meaningful breaths. Take a moment to see we are all. Just. Here.

In the chaos of our lives we Rarely discuss the simple and actionable steps to be more here, to connect with ourselves and each other. While there is a deep longing in each of us to be fulfilled, to build something, to create and truly be creative, we are short of a methodology and practice. We have simply forgotten. We have formed habits that really dont serve us. To break these habits only requires that we go to back the basics of who we are. Reconnect. If you recognise this disconnect, frustration and feel a victim to overwhelming emotions, this all may resonate. If you are still reading this, consider this a message from the universe, you’re here  because the universe is driving you towards your natural state of being. I am, you are, We are…in this together.

There is a man who has made a crusade of his life in being present and here. Jonni Pollard is a Vedic Wisdom teacher and one of humanity’s most noble lights. He has partnered with a dear friend Jessie Israel, a true visionary and both have begun creating a movement through events that focus on connection, empowerment and living fulfilled lives. At the center of it all is meditation.

In one of his teachings, Jonni offers a format for the management of our change and the reorientation toward our true selves, the guide for how to be here, to return to our nature. It’s beautiful in the depth of its simplicity.

Reaction is the weakest form of action. There is a strong advocacy for meditation, for it is the practice of creating space and objectivity toward mental chaos, emotions, and the involuntary reactions to life. It is a technique to re-establish our true nature. The outcome is our ability to be present and not be subject to the chaos around us. It creates that special distance allowing you to maintain calm, creative and compassionate in the storm.

During a breakup, a death, stress from work, a tragic accident, a bad fight, or tragedy, chaos rears its fangs and digs in. We become less than ourselves.

Here’s how to change.

1. Surrender

To the moment, the emotion, or the present. The first step is to just give in to it. All of it.

2. Accept

Accept what is happening. The Confucianists claim that emotions are guests you have for tea. You must accept it. You cannot fight it and we often do, denying it through will.

3. Allow

The further step is such guests may come to your emotional house, they may trash the place, but they always leave. Allow them to pass. This is one of the most difficult steps and one where mediation truly helps.

4. Feel

Withdraw from being reactive. Check in with yourself and feel deeply for the love and positivity which is your nature. You are made of light. Do not submit to the false self which is guiding you in moment, driven by ego, clouded by our shame.

5. Inquire

What’s my desired outcome here? What do I really want? Few of us stop and ask the most important or meaningful questions that guide our decisions.

This is the nature of progressive change. It only requires that we connect and tend to ourselves when we feel disconnected.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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