You. Need. More. Magic.

Matthew Wiehe
Matthew Wiehe

The nature of beauty is fleeting though often considered truth. It is striking, moving, and very much known in the moment. And that is what makes it true, as it remains universal and undeniable. But it remains fleeting. It passes in acknowledgement, and is often replaced outside of the moment. But the nature of magic is transformative. Inspired. Whereas beauty goes noted with remarks, magic is what remains in your soul. Changed.

There is a tremendous amount of magic in the universe which we do not allow in. While many term it as the delusion of self, blocking energy, denial, or any number of labels, it is an exercise just to note the existence of magic, rather than our flaws in receiving it. We can agree that northern lights, great pieces of music, true classics in art and poetry are all possessed of a degree of magic.

It is the magic of the self which we most often deny, for as beauty passes magic is the connection between us which bridges divides and creates change in the smallest and largest of ways.

A friend of a friend was arriving the other day and spoken of lovingly and often, in an endearing excess. Interlaced were phrases about giving up boyfriends jokingly, about her amazing works, and any number of positive world-shifting attributes. Her mark was written across a multitude of people, and resultantly a place. She had left of trail of goodness as visible as light motes.

There is a person who sings, whose voice uplifts everything in me I never knew was grounded, and is better served aloft. Whose very being cannot be explained or quantified, in anything other than how much in each of us is changed in passing.

Another dear friend suffered more heartbreak than a person should, and yet whenever she shows up, in her truest nature, the world around her is so positively affected. She is not the heartbreak or misfortune, but rather the trail of laughter and smiles which are the waves marking her wake.

We fail to recognize this magic in others, and our society has entire industries focused on the superficial which tells only partial stories of the true magic in each other. We are bred not to be moved by it, and are in fact desensitized. We do not see our own value or true worth often as a result. It has stripped us in many cases of our ability to receive others, allow ourselves to be given to, and we become less susceptible to the benevolence of the universe. Of fate and opportunity.

The magic that exists in others, as readily in children as in the masterful elderly, needs encouragement. It needs us all to believe in it and each other. It requires that we spend more time slowly breathing, connecting with ourselves, and making earnest attempts to connect with others. To see the magic them, and us all.

I see your beauty and I celebrate the things you accomplish and create. I see your transformation, how you have awoken to the world and are seeking to change it. I believe in you, and have already been affected by you, and I hope beyond measure that you forgive whatever part of me delivers this in a way which makes you feel diminished, for I recognize the discussion of the intangibles are difficult. You are ever felt, and many among us are grateful for it.

Whereas beauty is the moment of that night, magic is what remains in the waking morning and bends the light around itself to shape your very perception and truth. If we do not recognize magic in all things and especially each other, it will fade.

So perhaps for a moment to today, if you find yourself on the right side of it, you’ll breath, thank the origin of that magic, connect to it, and embrace it, for it is everywhere and in everything if you only you choose to believe and receive it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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