That Job You Hate? Quit And Live

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That Job you hate? Quit and live.

You are free. Inexorably. Someone perhaps forgot to remind you, amidst the monotony, stress, and cyclical routine we pile on ourselves, an identity which slowly decays our truest soul, of that overwhelming drive to be present and above all else loved. Connected. That sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

For whatever reason your freedom no longer feels necessary as it once did. We now work in places and live lives that don’t provide this most basic connection with the world around us. Many of us simply don’t love what we do, and we could.

So “stop this Day and Night with me.” From Whitman back to Catullus the great minds tell us to seize the day. The folly of this phenomenon, far worse even than apathy and indolence, is the paralysis that comes from our fear — as if we cannot shift or stop or change.

Start by living for the world at large, and not another small cycle.

For all the world’s whimsy there remains a place somewhere that provides more intimacy than we currently achieve in our present detachment. There is a place to find connectivity, a reason of being, and in that place, the purest you. I don’t advocate one just leave, but rather, one simply prepare oneself to arrive. You won’t know your final destination. But go. See. Let your first steps be toward the expansion of you, else we will simply be making lateral movements, trading one cycle for the next. There is a rebirth you are owed, as inwardly focused as it is outward, and it requires you break from the norm first.

Somewhere in an airport in Sydney is the departure board that I stood in front of after 3 months of travel many years ago, seeking my connecting flight to Melbourne to come home to friends, family, and ones I love. Somewhere in the world is a place where the moorings of your being will loosen, and allow the pure, unrestricted thought to pass through you. You need not seek it, for it will find you. It is a function less of direction and more of simply showing up, arriving in a place where you are expansive enough to cut away the detritus and see your own greatness. Where your identity shaped by circumstance, friends, and family falls away, and you’ll perhaps find that one moment of clarity, lost beneath a departure board, forgetting where you are supposed to be going, and remembering you are here.

You may decide to do more. Anything. Anywhere but here. And so much more.

I offer you nothing more than a reminder, for it is to myself I mostly speak. The reminder to connect with the world through my breath, and thereafter, to become a part of it, at large, on the lamb and on the run, and rediscover why we are here. Hope. Ever the great motivator, and always the great divide. There are far better words from works greater than this, from Shakespeare through Shantaram, but let this resonate as a reminder to leave nothing and everything behind, go today, and fucking live.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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