Because You Never Really Loved Me


It’s as over as it can be.” He said

I can’t do this anymore.” He said

I always believed that people always leave, and I used to get upset knowing that fact; but I never knew it would hurt like this

Some people leave, leaving you shattered into pieces. It is like holding a glass and suddenly leaving it to shatter on the ground; you have no intentions on catching it or putting it somewhere safe. You just leave it without any concern on how it ends up.

Some of us get used to it, some are forced to, and others, the ones who fear goodbyes, try avoiding it but face it in the end.

I was warned not to get too attached. Not to depend on someone else to be happy, but I didn’t listen. I was in love with you. The way you talked, the way you laughed when I did something silly, I loved every thing about you.

I was in over my head. I truly believed I won’t be able to ever live without you, but I also believed that I won’t ever have to. I trusted you and I had faith in our relationship. Why shouldn’t I? It’s not as though you’ve ever given me reason not to.

But I was a fool.

It is over. You ended it as if it was nothing to you. You ruined us. I was not worth it anymore; I was not worth the struggle, the work, and the effort.

Just like that, five years dissolve into nothing, and I’m left shaking.

It is weird how life can make you think everything will end up perfectly fine, and then it turns its back on you. How it gives you hope and faith, how it promises you, and how you end up lost.

How you put all your faith in someone and trust them with the most important things in your life and they bring you down, disappoint you, and make you regret ever knowing them; and what happens next? They leave! And they leave you miserable.

All I know is that I shouldn’t feel this hollow, because you never really loved me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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