How To Avoid Frostbite


So you’re stuck in an apartment that has the thermostat wedged on sixty. You step out of the shower and intercept a wind chill at a breezy fifty miles per hour. It’s cold and you are fresh out of ideas on how to make a hoodie look cute. I’m here to proclaim that there are sneaky ways to conquer the winter chill.

Homemade Toe-Warmers:

All you need are socks and some cayenne pepper. You heard me. Double up on socks (don’t let it touch your skin), wriggle your toes you’d almost forsaken, and feel the cayenne pepper putting a little boogie in your boots. Amaze everyone with your herbal remedies.

Water Heater Coat Rack:

Save some space and sanity by shoving your coats in the same closet as the water heater. Not only do you increase the likelihood of burning down your residence (more heat) but also the coats will be nice and toasty in the mornings.

Invest in Morph Suits:

Leggings are all the rage and if you want to be on the cutting edge of the new trend invest in a morph suit. Most importantly, it will keep you hot in more ways than one. And if you get embarrassed about wearing a morph suit: chill. No one can see your face.

Candle Hoarding:

Your room will smell and feel like you’re bathing in vanilla buttercream. Make a ring of candles around your bed to keep the witches out and the warmth in. People will start mistaking your room as Thailand during a full moon and your street cred will instantly up.

Winter is just a couple more months and then you can trade igloo tales with the best of them while you bronze at the pool. Think of the hibernation as a résumé booster for Bear Grylls and an impressive feat you can for sure mention at the next wedding you attend. Stay cool kids. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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