How To Get Pumped For Going Back To College In 5 Quick Steps


Ah, so summer’s ending. Thank goodness. It’s almost time to throw off the shackles of a part-time job and relative’s interventions and get back to full-blown independence. In case you’re feeling overwhelmed with dim remembrances of essays and deadlines though (mere speed bumps on your way to the parties), here’s some steps on how to transition with zero sweat.

Step One:

Make a game plan. I’m serious. Get all the paperwork out of the way; make sure your apartment lease is all set, order your books for upcoming classes, perfect your schedule so you don’t have any 8AMs (a rookie mistake).

Step Two:

Shopping. Don’t go crazy, but get just enough to get you excited to strut around campus. More important than clothes, get all those pens you like. Sticky notes, paper clips, stapler, dividers. This is definitely going to be your most productive year.

Step Three:

Start packing. Instead of viewing this as a challenge harder than actually getting accepted in to your college, turn on an “80’s funk” station and pick outfits while you’re getting jiggy wit it. You’re a knockout and this semester you will not be held back by a lackluster wardrobe.

Step Four:

QT with the Providers. Maybe you’ve abandoned the parents entirely this summer due to bonfire appointments and beach days, friends or just watching Friends in your room. Either way, they are really sad you’re leaving them and the least you can do is squeeze a few Scrabble games in with them. Bless.

Step Five:

Pack the car. Stuff as much as you possibly can in to your car. Clean your room so there’s no residue of regret pinned to your leaving. Kiss your parents goodbye. Get your playlist ready with upbeat songs, drive off with the dawn. Show up back at school looking tan and ready to conquer the world. Be ready to conquer the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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