32 Excuses You Can Use When Invited Out This Summer


It’s summer, and it’s harder to get out of things when you don’t have ironclad reasons like “studying for my bright future” and “pursuing my cute TA”. Here’s some solid skips you can use instead:

1. Finally reorganizing my room so I can stop feeling the bad feng shui.
2. Optimizing my youth and going on a run while I glisten in the sunshine.
3. Visiting my grandmother. Follow this one up with a glance towards heaven.
4. Buying a goldfish because they say it relaxes you and your repeated invites are stressing me out.
5. Getting in touch with my sensitive side and visiting a pet shelter.
6. Volunteering in general, everyone needs karma points.
7. Tanning. Sick of being called Pale Kid.
8. Reading dawg. Straight up reading.
9. Alphabetizing all my CDs, a soon-to-be lost art I won’t let go of.
10. Making delicious desserts to display on the kitchen counter.
11. Investigating the origins of po-go sticks and if that’s still a hip thing.
12. Bouncing on your po-go stick because you decided it is.
13. Looking up tutorials on YouTube. You need to know how to curl your hair by fall and you can’t stop watching Jimmy Fallon clips.
14. Making posters for the environmental movement that you feel is faltering, get on board if you like Earth.
15. You are trying to adjust your sleeping schedule and right when you asked me to hang out is when my power naps are timed.
16. Trying to expand your range for when they call you to be an extra in a movie and you’re practicing your walk around town. Solo, because you need an individualistic walk, much like a model.
17. You need to get serious about your modeling career so you have to prepare an ultra-healthy meal and take a picture of it. #instagood
18. Holding an intervention with your pets on how you think they’re not really motivated in life.
19. Lying in your bed and mildly panicking that you’re not motivated enough in life.
20. Listening to old Pharrell songs so you can pass as one of his original fans before he really gets big.
21. You’re going to go watch a movie that requires a lot of crying, alone.
22. Mailing postcards because you’re still an old soul who cares about people.
23. Climbing on the roof to watch the sunset and the cute neighbors.
24. Family reunion. Consisting of the people you live with.
25. You self-grounded for falling off the roof of your house on to the deck.
26. Learning tap! The most underrated dance of all time. Yours truly, Fancy Feet, is about to become a real phenomenon.
27. Purging your closet, which will take five hours of cleaning and nostalgia.
28. Must run around the plantation and yell quittin’ time. Or you’re just busy watching Gone With the Wind.
29. Someone has challenged you to eat as many popsicles as possible and you don’t back down from cracks at authority.
30. Exploring abandoned and most likely haunted houses and the ghosts only like you and your select crew.
31. No new friends.
32. You don’t want to hang out with them because they give you bad vibes, and you simply don’t have room for that in your summer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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