9 Truths About Netflix Addiction

9 Truths About Netflix Addiction

Everyone always starts out with those shows that everyone tells you are SO GREAT and you HAVE TO WATCH like Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation. You haven’t actually heard anything about these shows yet, so you start watching them to have something to discuss at the water cooler. Then it’s halfway through season two and Ron Swanson is your idol, Rob Lowe is amazing and you want nothing more in life than to trade places with Tina Fey so you can be best friends with Amy Poehler and host the Golden Globes.


The shows you wish you didn’t watch but can’t stop: You have a firm and unwavering stance on the whole Stefan vs. Damon battle on Vampire Diaries but wish you didn’t; you don’t want people to know you stay up until 2 AM watching Pretty Little Liars, but you really need to have to know who A is. TELL ME ALREADY.


At some point in time, everyone watches every available episode of How I Met Your Mother. If someone says they haven’t, they’re lying. Nothing is more legendary than watching an entire season of HIMYM in one sitting.


You haven’t truly lived until you’ve been in your pajamas with a bottle of wine crying over an exceptionally sad episode of Parenthood. Actually, every episode of Parenthood will pretty much leave you in tears, and you develop a strange emotional attachment to the series. You simply have to feel all the feelings.


Speaking of Parenthood, anyone who says Sarah Braverman and Lorelei Gilmore are the same person should be punched.


Watching an entire series of teen dramas, like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, all right in a row has a strangely weird satisfaction to it. All the lying, cheating, and attractiveness leaves you with a sort of whiplash that can’t be cured by anything but yet another teen drama. I suggest Friday Night Lights or 90210. Josh Swartz, I bow to you.


The fact that you can spend entire weekends watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Saved by the Bell like its 1997 is almost worth the cost of having absolutely no social life.


In addition, it’s acceptable to decline plans with other living, breathing human beings when you’re almost finished with Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad. Or any other series you’ve dedicated countless hours of your life to.


Taking recommendations from friends, family and coworkers on what you should watch next can be a daunting and scary time. Making a list can be helpful. You’ll hear everything from Downton Abby to Lost to Dawson’s Creek to Homeland.


Nothing else in life can make you weep like the fact that you can’t watch Friends on Netflix. TC mark

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    This article is fabulous because it’s oh-so-true. I, like many of my peers and our parents alike, suffer from Netflix addictions. Sometimes you just can’t help it. There is many a night (or day) that you might find me watching anything from HIMYM to Gossip Girl to some terrible movie meant for 13 year-old girls (feel free to judge me).

    Anyone who denies any of these truths or their own personal Netflix addiction is probably lying, so feel free to call them out. I know I will.

    Thanks to Thought Catalog for, yet again, speaking the most innermost thoughts of my mind!

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