10 Reasons Why I Would Like To Thank The Person Who Broke My Heart

Everyone wants to immediately bash the person who hurt them the most, but why? I want to thank the person who let me down. I want to thank him for being my favorite relationship so far, and I want to thank him for being my biggest heartbreak. I’m never going to get over him by being bitter. I had the time of my life with him, and I want him to know. Just because we didn’t work out, don’t ever stop being the boyfriend he is. He is going to make a girl very, very happy one day. For that I am envious of her, but I am thankful I had him when I did.

1. Thank you for showing me who I want to be. You brought out the best in me and why should you be the only one who sees that side? I want everyone to see it.

2. Thank you for being the perfect amount of the right kind of asshole. You are blunt, you are honest, you know what you want, and nothing will stop you. You were a mediator when I needed you to be, and you argued with me when I wanted you to tell me I was right. If I did something you didn’t like, there was no beating around the bush, but you never made me feel scared or like I’m a bad person for it. You were never too nice, and you were never down right mean. You’re every girl’s bad boy with a soft side solely for her.

3. Thank you for treating me like a princess (and for calling me princess), but always reminding me you were man of the house.

4. Thank you for being my home, my comfort zone, and my best friend. I miss that a lot.

5. Thank you for teaching me to like myself, inside and out. You made me feel beautiful even when I felt disgusting. If I ever doubted my personality or looks, without thinking twice you were stern with making sure I visualized myself how you did.

6. Thank you for trusting me, even in the short amount of time that you did. In this generation trust destroys everything. To feel that someone you genuinely care about trusts you, is almost as refreshing as knowing you can trust that same person. It’ll be hard to find that mutual trust in someone again, and I’m so thankful I got to feel it with you.

7. Thank you for communicating with me all day every day, for months. Whether it was text messages, short phone calls, or in person, I never felt alone with you. We could talk about absolutely nothing, or send a simple smiley face and I was the happiest girl alive. I miss you a lot, and I appreciate your effort more than you’ll ever know.

8. Thank you for being an absolute blast to be around. If there is a medal for the best boyfriend around, you deserve it. You were so obnoxious, such a smart-ass, so playful, and perfect. I have never genuinely laughed so often and so hard with one person, every day that I spent with them. Except you. Your wit made my day, every day. I think I miss it the most, along with your smart mouth.

9. Thank you for being my support system with whatever I did. I’ll never forget having all As in my first semester of college until my evil English teacher gave me that B. Riding shotgun in your truck and finding out I got a B will forever be engraved in my memory. I was devastated, but that’s not why I will remember it. I will remember that moment because you still told me how proud you were. I loved feeling like I made you proud.

10. Thank you for showing me there is life after a breakup. When I met you I had just gotten out of the worst relationship I will ever be in, and I thought you were Heaven sent. I still do. Not only did you show me there was life after a bad relationship, but there is life after a good relationship too. I miss you so much, every single day. Somehow though I am getting by, and I can’t help but think to thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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