Whenever You Love Someone

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Whenever you choose to love someone, love them irrationally and unconditionally.

There will be days when you do not like them, remember that you still love them.

Love them without thinking of consequence or fear of the future.

The future is coming at us all with vengeance and we never know what it will bring,

So remember to let it in with open arms and say thank you for everything it brings along with it.

Open your heart entirely, be vulnerable, and be brave.

It is brave to open your heart to vulnerability and be loved by another, however…

It is even braver to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to love them back.

Whenever you love someone back, you gain much more than you can lose.

Do not be afraid of it.

Allow the other person to see the parts of you that are not quite perfect, and some that are barely working.

Never be afraid of being desperate.

Whenever there is something you need to say you must say it.

Being in love is never a safe bet, there is no handbook and no guarantee.

Falling in love is much easier than staying in love.

Despite this, allow love to fill your entire body, feel it thoroughly and everywhere.

There is so much bravery in vulnerability, there is so much power in being in love.

Whenever The Love Dies…

Say thank you that you got to know it.

Accept it for every wonderful thing it taught you.

Adapt to your new life without them and continue on.

Do not close your heart back up to love.

Know that you faced love with fierce eyes and the suit of a warrior.

Love is not weakness, not when you are the only one not afraid of it.

When love goes its separate way, allow it.

Ask it to leave the door open on it’s way out.

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