In The Journey Of Life Always Be Ready To Unpack Your Suitcase

Toa Heftiba

Life is a journey an adage that I am sure you have heard so many times. Like any journey you carry a suitcase but unlike other journeys you start with an empty suitcase to pick things along the way. When we are young we learn fast and absorb quickly, everything is exciting and new to us and so we seem to be malleable to whatever is thrown at us.

As we grow these become the ideals we live with, believe in and shape most of our adult life.

If you grew up in a family where tenets such as love, respect, honesty and spirituality was insisted on and rewarded you go out of the world expecting the same. Only to be disappointed by how rude, cruel and brutal the world is and so you become bitter and feel defenseless.

Probably you grew up in a dysfunctional family. In a home where abuse, addiction and hatred was served cold every day and so when you go to the world you go with fierce attitude finding it hard to accept love even when it is shown at you and when you are hurt it becomes a justification for building up even more walls.

It is hard to learn stuff, but I believe the biggest thing in life, is relearning. The thought that you are being ask to try something you did before, expecting a different result is bizarre if not foolish. It is peculiar to think of marriage when all you saw was your parent fighting, it is hard to let go off of relationships even if it is abusive when you still believe that love always grow back.

But what I have learnt in life is that we should always be ready to unlearn stuff. Be ready to open our suitcase and let go of some stuff and create space for new one. No matter how bad life was for you, believe that things will be better, that you will find a boy or girl who will love you endlessly until you are old. No matter how good it has been for you, know that life has its down and when faced with challenges you need to toughen up and fight.

Life is one long journey and if we choose to carry things we encounter every day, we will end up carrying heavy and unnecessary weight, slowing us down and in doing so blocking us to enjoy the people we meet, the scenes we pass and savor the beauty that is before us.

Always be ready to unpack. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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