10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’ve Had Your Heart Broken

Glenn Carstens-Peters

1. You don’t jump headfirst into dating someone. You know what kind of heartbreak can happen so you only take that risk for someone you think is worth it.

2. You have a hard time being optimistic about love. After having your heart broken, it’s difficult for you to contain your pessimism.

3. You’re the voice of reason for your friends when they’re going through relationship troubles. Since you’ve been through heartbreak, you’re more cautious than your friends who haven’t.

4. You’re stronger now than you were before. You know how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

5. You’re protective of your independence. After you had your heart broken, you worked hard to carve out independence for yourself and you’re not willing to give that up.

6. You value your friendships. After heartbreak, your friends were one of the only things that helped you make it through.

7. You know how deeply you can love and you’re willing to give that to someone new but it has to be the right person. You don’t want to go through another heartbreak so you’re going to try your best to make a great choice about your next partner.

8. You know what you want in your life and you’re not willing to sacrifice that ever again. You worked hard to get to a place where you’re clear about your ambitions and values and you won’t allow people in your life who don’t align with those things.

9. You’re skeptical. After having your heart broken, you look at everything critically and take each word with a grain of salt.

10. You’re not a hopeless romantic. You’ve been through heartbreak so you don’t have rose-colored glasses on about relationships. You still believe in love, but you’ve ditched the idea of a fairytale. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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