Donald Trump Just Threw Another Temper Tantrum On Twitter And This Might Be A New Low

Wikimedia / Gage Skidmore

President Trump is under FBI investigation for obstruction of justice because of his firing of Former Director James Comey. President Trump just confirmed the Washington Post’s reporting in a series of tweets about the investigation.

And apparently, he’s pissed about it.

First, he starts off with his trademark “Sad!”.

Then, he moves on to the Fake News Media (spoiler alert: he only calls reporting he doesn’t like Fake). Also, not sure what’s with the random capitalization of Fake News Media and Social Media. Does it make him look more Important?

Next, we’re on to the phony Witch Hunt! Yay! It’s totally not damaging at all for the sitting President of the United States to denigrate the FBI, one of the nation’s most important institutions! Happy Friday!

And last but not least, he subtweets someone, although it’s unclear who. Originally, President Trump said Jeff Sessions suggested he fire James Comey but he couldn’t be talking about Sessions in this tweet because Sessions isn’t part of the investigation. It’s possible he’s talking about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But, the main takeaway is that our President is subtweeting and Capitalizing Random Letters on a Friday twitter rant. Yay! TC mark

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