5 Rules Every Person Should Know To Win Over A Girl On A First Date

1. Offer to pick her up. 

I get it — many women embody a wild sense of independence to fiercely hold their own. This does not mean we don’t still love it when people take the initiative to do something we could have done ourselves. Pick us up from our place before the date (or at least offer to). In a city without your car? Offer to take the taxi/subway to her stop to meet her up. You don’t need to show up with a bouquet for us to truly appreciate your small thoughtful gesture. Besides, nothing better sets the mood for a great first date than getting to know each other in the casual confines of your car/the sub. (Tip: opening the car door for her wins extra bonus points.)

2. Be interested. 

This one is a must-do yet many people don’t now know how to successfully show interest. Be interested in it all. When skimming through the menu, ask her what looks great to her. Ask her if she prefers red or white. Ask her about her hobbies and passions. Ask about her family. Genuine interest from you will guarantee, at the very least, an engaging date boredom-free. Even if her answers are short in the beginning, she will open up as long as you stay persistent. 

3. Make her laugh.

Dating is an activity that should be free of stress and negativity. Finding ways to make her laugh shows that you do not take things too seriously and are in for the fun too. Be remembered as that person who was outrageous enough to say anything just to get a laugh out of her. Some of my best dates have been with people who did this. Children laugh nearly 300 times a day, while the average American adult laughs about 20 times — double that number and you will be way ahead of the game as her serotonin levels soar through the restaurant roof!

4. Choose a cool activity.

The standard first date these days usually involves “grabbing a drink” — to keep things casual and pressure free (thanks Tinder!) However, it is always a nice surprise when someone suggests a date idea different from the usual drinks or dinner. Hiking, surfing, art exhibits, concerts are all great ideas for first dates! Best yet, if it could be an activity that involves a common interest for you both then it will be a fool-proof plan for an amazing time. Be creative — it will definitely be appreciated.

5. Don’t be over-eager. 

Assuming you did step one and picked her up like a gentleman/woman, the date will likely end with you driving her back to her place (unless she walked out on the date, in which case do not continue reading). See the date through and walk her to her door, however DO NOT overstep your boundaries. Gauge her body language in the walk up and let her initiate any post-date hanging out. If she begins her closing monologue and thanks you for the date, accept her thanks and the fact that the date has now ended. However if she invites you in, DO NOT take this as a sign that there will be hooking up involved. Be cool, let her take the lead here on where the date will go. Either way when the night comes to a close, pat yourself on the back for a job well done and contact her in two days you charmer, you. 

image – Alex Dram

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