Until It Crumbles

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez


I have dozens of unfinished poems
with your name coded between the lines
poems I will never show you
you would take one look
and edit them
for grammar and punctuation
offer advice on how to make them better
blissfully ignorant
or unwilling to believe
you are the subject of my words
but if I told you
in my most serious voice
that I loved you
from the night
we more matching
mustard garments
you’d dismiss the thought
with a wave of one calloused hand
i wasn’t kidding when I told you
you had ruined my life
I am laid bare like the
pyramids– the Colosseum
this love will stand for millenia
a testament to you
until it crumbles
disappear beneath the rising tides
but even time will not forget
how much you have been loved by me.

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez


you had never seen the ocean
so i siphoned my tears
filled my left lung with them
you can live with only one lung, you know
you’re long gone
but i keep spitting up sand
seagulls escape every time i open my mouth

you had never seen a shooting star
so i pulverized my dreams
shot the pieces into space
you can live without dreams, you know
you’re long gone
but it keeps raining stardust
I’ve learned how to find beauty in the dark

you had never seen the face of God
so i made my heart a mirror
placed it in your hands
you can live without a heart, you know
you’re long gone
but i still see your face in my reflection
i hum your name like hymns

you’re long long gone
and i don’t know how to survive this
i don’t know if i want to Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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