If You Have To Chase Him, He's Not Worth It

If You Have To Chase Him, He’s Not Worth It

Please don’t chase him. If you feel the need to chase him, he was never worth a second of your time. No matter how well you may gel with somebody, not everybody who enters our lives are here to stay.

They may have made you feel all kinds of special for the briefest of moments, but how about now? In the grand scheme of things, how does he really make you feel?

Any boy sending you mixed signals, playing hot and cold with you or “keeping his options open” whilst expecting you to act like a girlfriend, is playing you. Plain and simple.

Anything that deep down doesn’t feel right isn’t meant to be, I promise you. The toughest thing to do is walk away from something that momentarily makes you feel on top of the world.

I can assure you that staying will only prolong the pain and make it hurt even more eventually. And as much as you’d rather only take on board the advice you want to hear, please listen to what you don’t. Because, that’s the truth. It’s seldom that those who care about us the most are wrong when it comes to judging a situation and how it’s effecting you.

Let people in. Cry about it until you’re all cried out. Let it hurt. Let it heal. But, let him go. A year from now he really won’t hold any significance to you anymore.

The saying goes that people both enter and exit our lives throughout our time. Some are meant to stay for long periods of time, whilst others are simply a fleeting visit. To teach us lessons we never knew we needed to know and help us grow. Yes, even the ones you wish you’d never met. They all serve a purpose in one way or another.

What’s meant for you won’t keep you up at night questioning why you aren’t good enough. It won’t hurt or make you fear the future. And it certainly won’t cause you to cry tears of pain.

So, please. Stop chasing the boy who isn’t man enough to be straight with you. Stop chasing the boy who chooses to pick you up and drop you whenever he feels like it. Stop chasing the boy who clearly can’t appreciate the incredible being that is you. You’re worth so much more.

Lifestyle Writer, & Mental Wellbeing Advocate.

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