man and woman holding hands

When You Leave, Do This

always, always, always look back.

burn me from the emanating heat of a body that only wants to become a part of mine. let the warmth seal our skin together and join our barely beating hearts. let hot, hot, hot destroy the ice that has kept us away from the i love you’s that have been yearning, longing, absolutely craving to melt from our lips into our ready hands and quiet souls.

don’t let go until you’ve made me believe you’re coming back. don’t let go until we’ve found and traced and memorized every single part of each other’s arms and necks and backs and hands and face. don’t let go until we are both sure we will remember. don’t let go unless you are sure you will never forget.

don’t let go when you leave.

let us then only speak to each other in purring whispers as our interested ears eagerly await on each soft word that they’ll lap up with warm milk and honey. let us dissolve our minds in this idealized reality that will break the moment we have our last touch. let us exist in this moment forever. let us redefine forever.

give me a reason to believe you’re coming back.

i want to hear promises and lies and hopes and truths. i want to hear all of it. i want a sworn love that’ll taste like warm poison running through this bruised and shattered and broken body that is just enough to almost kill me but never enough to forever shut these eyes that you love so much. i want your sweet words to be a deluge in this drought of a mind that is mine. i want your intoxication that you disguise as true love. i want you to make this last forever. i want you to lie to me when you promise you will.

i want you to stay when you leave.

when you leave, look back. when you leave, smile with those dangerous vows hanging from your sultry lips. when you leave, show me those empty hands that will soon beg to be filled with all of me. when you leave, shout your love into the crowds dividing us. when you leave, don’t take those flickering eyes off me.

when you leave, just don’t.

we are more than what we think makes us broken

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