Smile With Your Whole Face

Dear your name here,

I am not the best housekeeper all the time. I make my bed, but sometimes the dishes pile up and the time intervals between sweeping the floor grow too long. I’ll get to it all eventually but I’m definitely up for bartering to get you to do the chores I like least.

I do have an old car that I think is amazing, but gives me some trouble as any old car would. I’m stubborn and I’ll try and sometimes successfully fix it myself. I’ll spend a long time cleaning it when it’s due. I want you to enjoy it with me and I’ll do my best to drag you along. I know that’s asking a lot, but I’d clean yours too and I promise only to spray you with the hose on the warmer days. In reparations, I promise to do things you’re passionate about too, even if it’s going to dance classes.

Work is important too; I like being good at what I do and it’s hard for me to say no when I’m asked to do something. I like being challenged and I really go above and beyond because I think I can make a difference. I might be really busy sometimes, but I promise to always make time for you. I promise to be patient with your priorities too.

My passions for other things sometimes make some people feel like they need to compete for my attention, but I do try to make time for everyone. My happy-go-lucky ways make people think I don’t care but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have a remarkable sunny disposition and it’s not an act. I make the choice to deal with things that bother me swiftly so that nothing lingers, so that I can return to being happy. I won’t harbor resentment. I’ll tell you when something is wrong matter-of-factly. I won’t ever be fake with you or anyone else. If you’re ever worrying – remember, I choose not to be dramatic. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

I can’t promise that every day will be sunny, but I can promise that I’ll try by being honest, straightforward and faithful. I can promise that no clouds will be caused deliberately by deceit, lying or cheating on my part. I can promise that my mind will always be open and I will always try to be patient and understanding. I promise I will be unwaveringly devoted to you, to us.

You’ll find, with me, the occasional intelligent conversation – some will be debates and some will be agreements but either way I’ll enjoy your opinions and respect them. I talk a lot and I’m excited about everything. Sometimes I’ll annoy you. I’ll be like the puppy you never wanted. I can be verbose, but I’ll prove to you I can be quiet when we have those silent conversations.

Some days you’ll come home to flowers I picked for the dinner table, an embrace that’s longer and tighter than usual, or some thoughtful gesture that reminds you how much I care. I hope you like surprises. I won’t do it because I’m trying to be egotistical, or cover up something that I’ve done but because I like it when you smile a little bit extra; I like it when you smile with your entire face. I vow to let you know how much you matter with little gestures.

I promise to tell you exactly how I feel about you, not just the obvious parts. Of course, I’ll be intrigued by your opinions. Of course, I’ll think you’re beautiful. Of course, I’ll enjoy your capacity for love, loyalty, humor and countless other adjectives. I’ll also find your complexity, your picky side, your stubbornness fascinating. You’ll find, with me, I’ll appreciate your rough parts too.

Although I am far from perfect, I can say I am without a doubt a great person. I pledge to be thoughtful, kind and understanding. I pledge to cuddle you better than you have ever been cuddled. I promise to be nothing but respectful and kind to your parents – even if they act like nothing could ever be good enough for you, including me. I‘ll remember your birthday and surprise you no matter how good you are at prying. I’ll write you letters. I’ll leave you little notes. I promise to never stop looking at you like a present; I’ll always find details to get excited about.

One day I’ll realize the name that should be at the top of this letter and I’ll leave it somewhere clever. You won’t find it right away, but it will be waiting for that curious day. You’ll smile with your whole face; your shoulders might even shrug with a breath stopping, everything’s tensed up smile. I hope you’ll write me letters too – hugs are better when the words that cause them are grasped in one of our hands and communication is always the silliest part.

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