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Hiding In My Room Vs. Going Out

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Very personal charts by Guillaume Morissette.

I have been living in Montreal since 2009. It doesn’t feel like this city is going to run out of parties any time soon, so it’s weird to think things like, ‘What do I want to do tonight, go out or hide in my room,’ with both answers equally valid. I feel like this chart wants me to find things to go to and then consciously choose to ditch them to stay in and work on stuff, or party alone, or hide in my room with fifty people binge-eating drugs and then later dropping their phones in the toilet by accident. TC mark

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I asked women to tell the story behind one of their Instagram photos 📸

“This is me on the roof of my building forcing myself to laugh. Every time I make my best friend take photos of me I remember that I’ve been single for 5 years and don’t have anyone to be in the photo with me. I’m just alone. My hair looks good though.”

This is the reality of Instagram...

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