11 Promises For My Two Best Friends

The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls

My two best friends and I are all going abroad next semester. While they jet off to Australia together (ey Mate), I will be making my way to London, England (hello hot British men). We have been inseparable for the last year, making fools out of ourselves in pretty much any situation possible. They were both there when I almost cried from the pain of getting a tattoo on my foot, they were there when I failed my German test, and they were there to make fun of me when I cried while watching Teen Wolf. They are my people. I haven’t told them yet, but I’m scared they are going to forget about me while they are hugging koalas and running around with kangaroos together. So here are 11 promises that I vow to keep while we are separated, just to make sure they don’t forget about me:

1. I promise to bring you back a souvenir.

2. Maybe it will be a cardboard cutout of Prince Harry.

3. I promise to keep you updated on my love life

4. I make no promises that I will have a love life.

5. I will try to Skype you at least once a week, even if there is a nine-hour time difference and I have to wake up at the crack of dawn. You know I’m not a morning person, so do not be offended if I am more sarcastic than usual.

6. If I meet any celebrities that you like, I will get their autograph and tell them an embarrassing story about you.

7. I promise to tell you if the picture you posted on Instagram is cute, or just downright embarrassing.

8. I will try to make as many life-changing memories as possible so that when we all get back, we can spend hours reliving our last six months.

9. If I decide to cut my hair, dye my hair, or make any other drastic changes, I will consult you first.

10. I promise to perfect my British accent so that I can annoy you with it once we are reunited.

11. I promise not to forget that you guys are my best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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