10 Things About Myself That I Want My Future Husband to Know

The Office - Seasons 1-9 Complete Series
The Office – Seasons 1-9 Complete Series

1. I save all of the red sour patch kids for last.

It’s a habit I have had since I was 10. The red ones are the most delicious and therefore should be savored. Hopefully you will help me separate the red ones out if you ever buy me a bag of Sour Patch Kids.

2. I like to sleep in XXL t shirts.

I don’t understand how people sleep in anything else. Abnormally large t-shirts are pretty much the best articles of clothing (other than leather jackets of course). Hopefully you will let me borrow some of your old ones.

3. I’ve named my guitar.

His name is Marcus, if you were wondering, and he was named after the very talented Marcus Mumford. He’s my baby and I am extremely protective of him. Hopefully you will find the fact that I’ve named one of my prized possessions endearing, and not creepy.

4. I love Disney World.

I’m a sap for all things Disney and will always be a kid at heart. Just know that you will have to take me to Disney World once every few years. I will warn you now; we will have to go on the Peter Pan ride at least twice (probably more like four times though). Hopefully you will embrace this and we can run around Disney World together like 4 year olds.

5. I have a slight obsession with boy bands.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a thing for boy bands. I blame it on my adolescent love for Nsync. They were my EVERYTHING growing up. I even had the concert DVD and can still perform the choreographed dance moves that go along with the songs. Hopefully you will encourage this obsession and have dance parties to old One Direction albums with me.

6. I am addicted to coffee.

Point blank, I cannot go a day without coffee. If I don’t drink some within two hours of waking up I get the dreaded caffeine headache. My favorite drink is a grande vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks. Hopefully you will make me coffee in the mornings.

7. I could live off of breakfast tacos.

When I went to college no one knew what breakfast tacos were and my heart broke into a million little shards. Apparently it is only a Texas thing, but it should really be a world thing. I would happily eat them for every meal, every day. Hopefully we will eat breakfast tacos every Sunday morning.

8. I never get sick of watching 500 Days of Summer.

It is most definitely my favorite movie of all time. Whenever I want to watch a movie and can’t decide on one, I always come back to 500 Days of Summer. Even though Summer is a total bitch to Joseph Gordon-Levitt the entire movie, the storyline gets me every time. Hopefully we will be able to sit on the couch some nights and recite our favorite lines from the movie while we watch it.

9. I want a French Bulldog.

His name will be Olive; its already been decided. He will have black fur will a few randomly speckled white spots. He is probably going to be the best dog ever. Hopefully you will be a dog person, and not a cat person.

10. I will love you with everything I have.

Just know that I will love you more than any other human being on the planet. I believe in soulmates, and I know that I will have found my soulmate in you. You will be my other half, my person, and the love of my life. Hopefully you will tell me that you love me even more than I love you. TC Mark

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