30 Signs You Have The Best BFF Ever

Kirill Linnik / (Shutterstock.com)
Kirill Linnik / (Shutterstock.com)


You have your own language, slang, and codes (patents pending).


You rarely call her by her given name. Nicknames and pet names are where it’s at (hey boo).


You can identify her type as easily as your own (important knowledge for calling dibs).


You know that it’s OK if your types overlap because no guy will ever come between you (figuratively).


You finish each other’s sentences (and pizza).


You share Netflix and social-media passwords with her (it’s not hacking if she’s onboard with it).


You would be very concerned if she got mono (water bottles are for sharing).


You send each other unattractive selfies for rainy days (best friends are always better with three chins).


You’ve already started making videos, taking pictures, and collecting anecdotes with wedding toasts and bachelorette parties in mind (and that maid of honor speech is going to be epic).


You plan birthdays six months in advance because shopping for her is so much fun (it’s so easy).


You could twin outfits for multiple days because you’ve done so many things together and/or have eerily similar taste (implementing a dibs system for clothing stores may not be the worst idea).


You know and keep count of her "number" better than she does sometimes (and she actually knows your real one).


You keep what she needs stocked in your purse (lip gloss and elastics? check).


You joke about what you’ll be like as old ladies and it’s basically just like the present day (just substitute vintage for Franzia and Corona for Natty Light).


She’s in your best stories but it’s too bad you can’t tell so many of them for fear of #judgment (y’all take partner in crime a little too literally).


You nurse her self-esteem and insecurities (because she’s fabulous and perfect and should feel that way always).


Any guy who treats her like anything less than the gem she is makes your blood boil (but hey, their loss).


She’s the only person you can have extensive conversations with about topics such as STDs, orgasms, and masturbation (*sends picture of questionable cold sore*).


#NoJudgement #Ever (because she was probably there for the worst of it).


If your menstrual cycles aren’t already synced, you have a pretty good idea of when her time of the month is coming up (it’s important to know when to bring the Ben & Jerry’s).


You’ve planned out your pregnancies and how you will sync them (probably with a great amount of detail).


You have at least one picture in the classic hugging pose (probably closer to 100).


You’re excited about spoiling her kids (because you could not be closer if you were actually siblings).


You keep each other updated on even the most mundane things (you might keep in touch occasionally or something).


You’ve ugly-cried in front of her and she still loves (and cuddles with) you.


You have certain inside jokes that never fail to make you burst out in laughter regardless of how inappropriate the setting (even small seminar classrooms).


Going as each other’s +1s and buying each other Valentine’s gifts is NBD (you already know her favorite chocolate anyway, so why not?).


You’ll share food, even your favorite kinds, with her (and probably have no quarrels doing this using the same fork).


never be able to stop being friends because of the sheer quantity of personal information you know (not like you can imagine ever wanting to part ways).


No matter the men that pass through your lives, you know that she’ll always hold an irreplaceable place in your heart (#chicksbeforedicks).

Thank you for being you. I love you so much!

—You know who

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