Why Nothing Will Stop A Man In Love

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If a man wants you, nothing will stop him from getting to you.


Not schedules, not work commitments, not car problems, not the latest Steph Curry 50 point basketball game.

When a man is aching to get with you, there are no obstacles.

I’ve read a ton of articles written by women about the difficulty of figuring out men. Particularly, reading how and if they really love them. I’ve seen social media conversations and been around terrestrial discussions where ladies seem to not be able to figure out if a man is interested in them…at all.

Listen to me. If a man digs you, he’s calling you whenever he gets a chance. He’s going to text you when he has a spare minute. He’s going to ask you to get a drink with him at the nearest bar and grill. He’s going to do everything, in good taste, he can to let you know he wants you.

I’ll drop a little knowledge on you. Typical, hetero men are hunter-gatherers at our core. Our DNA compels us to seek and get what we want. Knowing this, understand that when a man seems fuzzy with his commitment, shaky with his promises, and altogether dodgy…he doesn’t want you.

That last sentence may have been harsh, but it’s true. If a man initially seems interested, and then seems less so as time goes on, walk away. Seriously. Walk away. Erase his number from your phone. Unfriend him on Facebook. Stop following him on Twitter. If a guy isn’t trying, he isn’t interested.

Now, if a man you really liked isn’t interested in you, it’s not your fault. I’d say nine times out of ten, it isn’t because of something you did. It could be a lack of chemistry. It could be a bad time in the guy’s life at the moment, and he may not be able to give you the time and the affection you need. It could be the universe closing a “door”, and opening a new one for you.

What I can promise you, female friends, is that the next man who’s really interested in you will jump through hoops, climb mountains, and swim across rivers for you.

And that will be just to get your phone number! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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