When This Teen Borrowed A Laptop From A ‘Family Friend’ He Didn’t Expect To Find A Folder Filled With Nude Pics Of His Little Sister

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A horrific incident of child abuse was recently uncovered when the victim’s brother asked to borrow a computer from a family friend — who turned out to be the abuser.

The brother (who has remained unnamed, with the rest of the family) wanted to try his hand at fixing his own hard drive, but needed a computer to use in the meantime. He asked Joe Garza, 65, if he could borrow his computer, and the “family friend” obliged.

However, the brother quickly found something that shook him to his core:

“When he hooked it up, he saw a folder on there,” Police Officer Domingo Martinez said. “Curious, he looked at it, and that’s when he saw pictures of his sister.”

Very uncomfortable with the situation, the brother returned the computer and then told his parents everything. His mother instructed the brother to innocently ask to borrow the computer once again, which Garza allowed, and that was when she saw the photos herself. He then returned the computer again and everyone pretended like nothing was wrong. At least, at first.

The mother texted Garza and told him that she wanted to talk. When he arrived at her home, she confronted him about the pictures. Garza admitted that he had a “problem” and urged the mother to not contact police.

“They talked for two hours. I don’t know if he openly admitted it but he said he has a problem and asked her not to call the police and that he would disappear and not come back,” Officer Martinez told the Star Telegraph.

But during their conversation, the mother covertly texted one of her older daughters and asked her to call the police. Authorities arrived at the house before Garza could leave.

After being brought into custody, more sordid details of his crimes came to light. Not only did Garza take inappropriate pictures and video of the 10-year-old sister, he admitted to molesting both her and her older sister.

In a forensic interview, the older sister, now in her teens, confirmed the abuse. She told investigators Garza would make her wear a blindfold when he abused her, the affidavit states.

The younger girl told officials that Garza told her not to tell her parents about the touching and pictures, and that he bought her various things and gave her money.

Martinez said he believes both girls were abused for at least a year. (Source)

The videos Garza took of the abuse seem like horror movies. In one, the older girl is filmed hanging upside down from a white rope.

Garza has been changed with possessing child pornography and sexual abuse of two children. Potential federal charges are pending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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