This Man Is Trying To Explain Why He Stabbed His GF To Death And Then Had Sex With Her Body

Twitter / Radio9ja and Twitter / AfricaNewsPress
Twitter / Radio9ja and Twitter / AfricaNewsPress

35-year-old Sunday Ushie has confessed to murdering his girlfriend and then having sex with her corpse. His girlfriend was mother-of-two, Nnenna Samuel. They both lived in Calabar, Nigeria.

Ushie, a cocoa farmer, has said that there are two major reasons he committed this murder. He complained that Samuel resisted sleeping with him — despite his many sexual advances. He implies it was unfair that she continued to refuse to have sex even after he lent her some money.

But Ushie also blames the devil for his crime, saying that: “It is the work of the devil. I do not know how. I am the one that killed her. I killed her with knife.”

Ushie invited Samuel to his house on January 27th, 2017. When she arrived at his apartment, he stabbed her in the hands and legs. Police state that her right hand, left leg, and mouth were completely severed when they examined the scene.

Ushie made a public confession to the media, where he tried to explain his actions:

I never had sex with her when she was alive because she never gave me that opportunity. I was always giving her money but she didn’t allow us to have sex. (Source)

He emphasized that his actions were “out of anger”:

She is always coming to my place and I spend a lot of money on her. However, any time I want to be intimate with her, she rebuffs me […]. So out of anger, I killed her and took that thing she has been denying me of because she has taken a lot of money from me. (Source)

“It was very strange sleeping with a dead corpse,” Ushie concluded in his public statement.

Ushie was arrested and brought in for questioning after Samuel’s landlord reported her death to the police.

“The suspect has been arrested in connection to the crime and he confessed that he killed the woman before having carnal knowledge of her. Investigation is ongoing and after which he will be charged to court for murder,” Police Commissioner Hafiz Inuwa concluded.

Do they have the death penalty in Nigeria? This seems like a really, really good time for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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