Police Think The ‘Snapchat Killer’ Might Have More Victims Than We Thought

Elizabeth Collins (left) and Lyric Cook (right) were found dead in Iowa in 2012. The man in the center is a suspect in recent murders of similar circumstance. (Police Photo)

Unfortunately, the horrific murder of Liberty “Libby” German and Abigail “Abby” Williams has still not been solved.

If you haven’t been following the case, both Liberty and her friend Abby were hiking along Indiana’s Delphi Historic Trail when they failed to show up at a rendezvous point where parents were waiting. The search was on, with police and community members trying to locate the girls. Authorities had a good sense of where they should be looking because of two Snapchats posted Liberty posted going off the radar.

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Roughly 48 hours into the search, police found their bodies. The search and rescue effort quickly morphed into a homicide investigation.

Miraculously, the heroic girls had left behind tons of bread crumbs for police. When authorities looked through Liberty’s phone they found a picture of a man, who is now the chief suspect:

Police Photo

They also found a video that captured audio of the man’s voice. Police suspect the video was taken in Liberty’s pocket in an effort to record what was happening to them.


Because there are currently no solid leads on who the murderer is, he has begun to be colloquially referred to as the “Snapchat Killer,” in reference to the pictures the girls were able to snap of him.

Now, people are quickly drawing parallels between this case, and the unsolved murder of two girls in 2012.

In June of 2012, 10-year-old Elizabeth Collins and 8-year-old Lyric Cook were spotted riding bikes in Evansdale, Iowa. The pair were last seen around the nearby Meyers Lake. Search parties would later find their bikes, and Elizabeth’s purse, on a trail near the south eastern corner of the lake.

Their remains were found six months later by two hunters at 7 Bridges Park, roughly 25 miles away.

A year ago, unsolved mysteries junkie TheBestVirginia explained why the Collins-Cook case was particularly disturbing:

If it were committed by multiple young adults or teens, somebody would have talked by now. If not to police, then to friends/peers. Kids can’t keep something this big to themselves.

So then we are looking at one adult offender. If so, I fear that this is an experienced guy. Taking two victims at once is a ballsy, confident move, and it makes me think it’s not his first time with such a crime.

Maybe his first time with multiple victims, but not his first time overall. And that is scary. We are looking at a savvy, somewhat intelligent, experienced killer. I don’t mean to raise alarm, but I think this is what we are looking at. I bet any behavioral profile likely backs that up.

Her argument was that the killer responsible had to be experienced, and that he’ll probably strike again. Sadly, it looks like the murderer might have.

Police Photos

The similarities in the two cases are uncanny. Both disappearances involved two young girls. Both occurred in a wooded area. And in both cases, the killer is still at-large. We can all hope that that isn’t the case for much longer.

There is a $41,000 reward for anybody who has information connected to this case. You can contact the Carroll Country Police Department at (765) 564-2413. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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