Crazed Boyfriend Murders Ex After Googling ‘How Long Do Murderers Serve In Prison’ And ‘How To Slice A Neck’

Police Photo
Police Photo

21-year-old Andrew Saunders has been convicted of murder his ex-girlfriend Zoe Morgan and her new boyfriend Lee Simmons.

Last September 28th, 2016, Saunders ambushed the couple outside their place of employment. He used two different knives to take turns stabbing Morgan and Simmons. They were each stabbed at least eight times. Morgan attempted to defend Simmons during his initial attack, but Saunders shook her off, yelling, “Get the fuck off me you fucking cunt. I’m coming to you next bitch!”

Police Photo
Police Photo

The relationship between Saunders and Morgan ended in late July 2016. Saunders accused Morgan of cheating before they split, and texted threats to her, promising to “kill whoever it was.”

Saunders also sent Morgan numerous texts maintaining that he still loved her, but despite this, he began planning his revenge plot in earnest.

During the course of their investigation, police discovered that Saunders researched his attack by making a series of disturbing Google searches. For instance, he asked Google “the easiest way to kill someone,” and “how to slice a neck.”


In between his more morbid searches, however, he also had time to ask Google “how to smoke a cigar.”

After the attack, Saunders texted his father, blaming him for his murder spree, saying: “Thanks for being a pathetic, useless father. Just killed two people. Cheers.”

Saunders also left behind a letter maintaining that he was a “good guy” and that nobody would forget him:

“I think ISIS are the good guys most of the time and that’s pretty messed up. No one will forget me,” the letter states.

Friends have described Saunders as a “gentle giant.”

His lawyer has said he is remorseful and wishes to “turn back the clock.”

Saunders will serve at least 23 years in prison before being eligible for release. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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