This Mom Posted These Creepy Texts From A Man Who Asked Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Call Him ‘Daddy’

via Facebook
via Facebook

As many of us millennials have grown up, we have slowly become more comfortable with the internet and the idea of meeting people online. However, maybe we’ve become a little too comfortable.

This mom was happy to set her 6-year-old daughter up playing Roblox, an app-based game that seemed child friendly. What she didn’t know was that the game had a chat feature, and that creepy-ass pedophiles used it to talk to young kids playing the game.

So, as you can imagine, Jemma Casey, the mother, was shocked when she saw these messages on her daughter’s screen:

via Facebook
via Facebook

The first message opens by calling the 6-year-old “bae.” Then mom takes the wheel, and asks the older user “who he thinks he is talking to.”

The man goes on to make it perfectly clear: “You bae.”

He then says that while in the game, the girl should call him “daddy.” Casey confronts the man about his exact age, and he suddenly ghosts, probably realizing he is probably talking to an adult. She decided to share screenshots of the convo on Facebook to raise awareness.

Please please if your kids have an app called ROBLOX on their tablets/iPads/Xbox whatever DELETE IT! Morgan mentioned earlier that somebody messaged her earlier on it calling her a ‘little pal’ and inviting her somewhere.

As it turns out, Casey isn’t the only mom to have problems with creepers on kids gaming apps:

Source: via Daily Mail

The problems are so widespread it has even resulted in some parents rating the apps poorly:

via Facebook
via Facebook

Parents should definitely be watching their young kids while they play games or surf the web, this stuff is horrifying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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