This Louisiana Mom Was Arrested After Giving Birth In Walmart Bathroom, Tossing Baby In Trash Can

East Baton Rouge Parish Jail
East Baton Rouge Parish Jail

Kyandrea Thomas was arrested on Christmas Eve for dumping her 6-hour-old baby in a Walmart trash can.

The baby was found on December 23rd at the New Roads, Louisiana Walmart. The baby was wrapped up in a plastic bag, sitting in the restroom trashcan. Emergency response arrived on the scene and performed CPR on the baby after a store employee stumbled upon the newborn. The infant was then transported to Pointe Coupee General where it was reported that she was in “critical but stable” condition. She was later transferred via helicopter to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

Mother Kyandrea Thomas was arrested after checking into Lane Memorial Hospital for some unknown medical reason.

“There are places all over where a person can bring a baby. They can drop them off at the hospital, they can drop them off at the police department… It’s hard when people have resources in these circumstances and they choose to have the baby and leave it in the bathroom of Walmart,” New Roads Police Lt. Shael Stringer said in a statement.

According to authorities, Thomas was working as a Salvation Army bellringer when she left her post in the front of the Walmart store to go to the bathroom and give birth. Afterwards, she wrapped the completely alive newborn in a plastic Walmart bag and tossed her into the waste bin by the sink.

Thomas was previously charged with negligent homicide in 2009 when her 3-year-old died of heat exposure after being left in a van, alone, for six hours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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