A Woman Was Killed And Put In A Tub Of Acid After Refusing To Have Sex With Her Tinder Date

Facebook / Miriam Ramirez
Facebook / Miriam Ramirez

26-year-old Francia Ruth Ibarra was reported missing on December 3rd from her Leon apartment. Her remains were later found at the home of Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocangegra, a man she was dating after meeting him on Tinder. The discovery of her body has been confirmed by local Attorney General, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre.

Bocangegra and Ibarra had met up several times over the months after “matching” on Tinder in late fall, but Ibarra was apparently very quiet about the fling. Indeed, many of her close friends only found out about the relationship between the two from social media after her disappearance.

Her friends actually were the first to sound the alarm about after Ibarra didn’t show up to a movie as planned. It was then that they dug into her social media accounts and discovered her connection with Bocangegra. About a week later, on December 10th, police got a search warrant to look through his home. It was then that it became obvious that Ibarra would not be coming back from her last date:

Clothes and a bag similar to the one Ruth wore on the day of her disappearance were found in the apartment.

On the roof were several black plastic bags containing human bones. There were also bags with caustic soda and muriatic acid where the girl’s body was dissolved. (Source)

Apparently a confrontation broke out between the two after Bocangegra proposed that they have sex. Ibarra refused, and that’s when Bocangegra killed her. He then tried to hide the evidence of his crimes by dissolving her body in a bag of acid — which apparently belonged to his father, who was a chemical engineer.

Bocangegra was arrested in Mexico City where, when confronted with the charges, is said to have been “indifferent” about the crime.

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