8 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do In College

Hobvias Sudoneighm
Hobvias Sudoneighm

1. Wearing your student ID and/or room key around your neck.

Don’t even let your parents try to talk you into the “necessity” of this at orientation. Walk away from the lanyard that beckons from bookstore rack. You’re not a lifeguard, you’re a college student.

2. Filling your dining hall tray to the brim.

BUT IT’S A SMORGASBORD! Believe it or not, it will get old and come October you’ll be pining after Mom’s cooking. Also, you don’t want to be asking the rents for more meal money come Thanksgiving just as much as you don’t want to hear relatives’ endearing “compliments” about how you’ve “finally filled out…”

3. Staying up past midnight every night.

Humans actually weren’t meant to be nocturnal and no, that doesn’t change once you arrive at college. It’s a vicious cycle, friends, so don’t fall victim.

4. Making skipping class a habit.

If you start while you’re a freshman, it will be a hard habit to break come sophomore year when your classes start getting serious. One or two skips to enjoy a beautiful day outside when you’ve been working hard all semester is one thing, but skipping every Friday because the night before you were just way too thirsty…just don’t do it.

5. Wearing pajamas to class.

Don’t go there. You’re old enough to know how to spell “tacky.”

6. Going weeks without calling your parents.

Finally, you’re thinking, I’m free! But don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. Keep Mom and Dad in the loop because chances are they did a good bit helping you get to where you are. (Besides, chances are good you’re going to miss them.)

7. Posting going-out photos that cast you in a bad light.

You never know where your career path may take you, so be careful not to post any photos that a future employer could use to call into question your maturity or your integrity. It’s something you hear time and time again, but really: your future bosses are on social media these days. They will judge you accordingly.

8. Taking long, daily naps.

It is tempting, especially if you’re staying up late every night but honestly, who lives like that? Just because you can nap doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Besides, you have stuff to do now. Napping is not getting it done. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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