Be With The Guy Who Is Proud To Show The World He Loves You

Gary Bendig

Do not settle for less. If you are in a secret relationship then by all means please get out of it. No one should ever settle for a man who does not have the balls to show the world he loves you.

You must never allow yourself to be treated as less than what you deserve. When we enter into a relationship we give all that we have in hopes that this is the one. We love for all that we are, for all that we can, and for everything that there is. We silently whisper a prayer each night before we go to bed that one day this man will be the one whom we will spend the rest of our life with. We secretly wish that this relationship will last for as long as we know how to love and that the fire in our heart never ceases to burn. But what if the man you chose to love does not even want to show the world he’s holding your hand?

Why would a guy not ever be proud of you? There is no reason to be ashamed of a love that is real. If your man keeps your relationship in a secret compartment of his life, then without a doubt it’s time to walk away. Do not be with a man who is afraid of commitment, or afraid to lose his other options should he be tagged as ‘taken.’

Whatever the case, let this sink in to the wholeness of your soul: do not allow yourself to be with a man who is afraid to show the world he loves you, because that is never love.

Do not waste your time with a guy who does not want to commit, who takes advantage of your vulnerability because you are always there when he wants you to be. Do not stay out there waiting in vain hoping one day he will make you his priority. Never miss your chance with a much better person who will give you the kind of love you deserve. Do not wait for this man to love you as much as you love him, or to ever call you his girlfriend; if he cannot do it now, the bitter truth is that he must have never felt the same.

So bravely walk away. Hold your head up high and be the woman that you are – be strong and love yourself more. Love yourself more so you will be capable of loving others more, thus making you worthy of a bigger and much stronger kind of love – the kind we all deserve. Let your energy and time be spent with someone who is proud to show the world he loves you. Love the man who will love you back and who will not be afraid to hold your hand for everyone to see. No secrets, no pretending, no if’s and no but’s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m imperfect, I make mistakes, and I’m not a beauty queen. I have my flaws, but that is just who I am: loud, ambitious, outgoing and crazy. But that doesn’t make me less as a FRIEND. NO counting, NO pretensions, NO judgement.

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