An Open Letter To Every Little Girl Who’ll Grow Up During Trump’s Presidency

Flickr / US Army
Flickr / US Army

You are so young right now. You have no idea what’s going on in the world. Your biggest worry is that all of your dolls won’t fit in your toy stroller. I wish I could keep you this little, this unaware of what’s going on around you, but that is not possible.

It is 2017, and our whole world is changing. We have a new president in office: Donald Trump. I know someday you’ll learn about this election and wonder how we elected someone so spectacularly ignorant. I hope you’ll understand by then that the majority of this country did not want him. Hopefully that number will continue to grow, and you will be in a world that is much more accepting of anyone and everyone.

You will hear some of the things he said when he ran for president. Do not listen to him. Do not believe him. You are the only person in charge of your body. You are strong, and beautiful, and fierce, and smart, and you hold all the power in your two little hands to change the world.

Yesterday, he was sworn into office, and my first thought was you. Growing up in a world so full of hate and bigotry when all you deserve is a world full of love and hope. You have no idea what a dangerous world this is, and hopefully, you can stay that way for a while. My only hope for you is that you know a safe, comforting, beautiful world that many of us never knew.

As you grow up, you’ll hear boys make remarks about you and your body, and I want you to fight back, baby. I want you to let them know that they can’t say things like that to you, because you are — and always will be — a goddess. A fearless woman. I want you to let your voice be heard. I want everyone to listen to what you have to say, because it’s worth hearing.

This is my promise to you: I promise that I will not stop fighting. I will never stop fighting until this world is on the right track again. I will not give up, because I want you to have every opportunity available to you to become whatever you want to be. My promise to you is to be as strong, fearless, smart, and beautiful as I know you will be.

Someday this world will be yours and I promise to make it a little happier before you take it into your hands.

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My dog helps me write most of my pieces. Full credit to her.

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