Here’s Why You Should Start Shopping At Thrift Stores

If you are into beauty trends, then you are probably well aware that thrift shopping is the new thing. I usually don’t love new trends, but thrifting is one I can totally get behind, and this is why.

It Helps Save The Planet

Thrift shopping is another form of recycling and using less resources. By buying secondhand items, you are saving something from going into a landfill. You are saving water and greenhouse gases from being used during the manufacturing of new clothes. And you are helping with pollution because fewer greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere from manufacturing.

It Gives You A More Individual Style

Everyone has that one person in their life that has a cool style, and you always wonder how they can afford all these new clothes. I bet they just thrift. Thrift shopping, especially at vintage stores, is a great way to have your own individual style. You can buy one of a kind pieces or make pieces one of a kind by DIYing them yourself. This is something my friends and I love doing and bonding over.

It’s Beneficial For Your Wallet

Even if you don’t care about the environment (which you should), everyone cares about saving their wallets. Almost everything you buy will be under $10, which is awesome. You can also get some pretty high end, good quality stuff for that price too. And believe it or not, thrift stores have sales. For example, one time when I was thrift shopping with my friend, the store was having a 50% off sale on the entire store, so I got a bunch of awesome clothes for under $20!

Personally, I almost always buy my clothes from thrift stores. Then, once a month, I clear out the clothes I don’t want or need anymore and donate them to thrift stores. I sell some of my nicer clothes to stores like Plato’s Closet and make a profit that I can spend on more thrift clothes. It’s a great system, and I totally recommend it. But even if you don’t follow this system, try thrifting to help you and the planet.

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