4 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew During Their Period


1. We cannot control our emotions.

When hormones are out of control moods are often quick to follow. PMS and PMDD are not old wives’ tales—it’s science. Don’t dismiss us by saying that we’re making a big deal out of nothing, and especially avoid telling us that our PMS isn’t real. We will simply grow more upset. Take these moods seriously, even if they’re exaggerated.

2. Sometimes, we get cramps. Help us!

While we don’t expect to be waited on hand and foot, it’s a very nice gesture when a guy puts in effort to make us feel better. Cramps can range from non-existent to stabbing pain. Because of this, even standing up straight can be a difficult task sometimes. Knowing when to whip out the heating pad or hot water bottle is something that we really appreciate in a man. Bring us that and some ibuprofen and we will love you forever.

3. Cravings (read: bloating!).

It may sound silly, but with hormone changes come the most random, absurd food cravings. Usually, the only way to end these is by satisfying them. Sorry, we’re not sorry for sitting on our butts and eating all day. A combination of being inactive, whacky hormones and eating more than usual is going to make us gain a few pounds. It’s only a few days so don’t give us a hard time about it. We’ll be back at the gym and eating quinoa salad soon enough.

4. On the matter of sex.

Whether to roll in the hay while riding the ol’ cotton pony: this is a question only you and your partner can answer. It’s entirely based on personal preference and comfort. Some ladies are okay with it, while some may not be. It’s something that should be discussed by a couple, openly and honestly. That being said, raging hormones give our libidos quite a kick in the pants. I strongly recommend you consider taking advantage of it.

With regard to Mother Nature’s monthly gift, we women are actually very easy to please. All that we ask is that our discomfort, emotional instability, limits and needs be acknowledged and respected. And remember, guys—it’s never longer than a week long, anyway. Patience. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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