Knowing When To Rid Yourself Of Toxic Relationships

image - Flickr / Roger
image – Flickr / Roger

From the time I was in elementary school to now, many people have come and gone in my life.

Whether that was a bad friend, a family member, or some guy I just couldn’t seem to shake, each of these relationships was what many refer to as “toxic.”

A toxic relationship takes over your life in ways that you don’t anticipate; it overshadows any positive aspects this person can potentially give you with all of the negative energy he or she brings to the table day-in and day-out. This relationship engulfs your mind and your soul, and continually plagues you.

When a person in your life creates drama constantly, has you questioning why you try as hard as you do on a daily basis, or produces frequent emotional distress, it’s time to rid yourself of the relationship.

At the end of the day, the only people you truly need are those that want to be in your life. If people care enough to keep you as a part of their life, they will make it completely obvious to you. Whether that is through good communication, constant reassurance that they’ll always be there, or just being a damn good friend, you’ll know who these people are. Keep them close, because they are the ones you’ll truly need in the long run.

If a guy is treating you as though you are an option he only brings out when he needs something, he is absolutely NOT worth all of your time and effort. Same goes for a friend.

So, stop texting that guy who can’t seem to be bothered to care about you. Stop trying with that friend who makes you feel as though you are insignificant. And STOP letting those who do so little for you control your well-being.

I promise, you’re going to find those people who truly care about you. You get a certain feeling in your heart when you meet these people. Hold on to them, and never let go.

But for now, rid yourself of the toxic relationships. Because believe it or not, you don’t deserve the way they treat you, and you can do so much better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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