I Hope You Learn To Let Go Of The Things That Pull You Down

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I hope you learn to let go of the things that pull you down. To understand when something becomes too heavy for your light, airy soul. To be strong enough to wedge your hands under the sharp weight collapsing your chest and forcefully heave it away from your existence.

I hope you don’t hold onto the darkness for longer than you have to. That you fight your way out of oblivion. That you find ways to escape from your scattered, dreadful thoughts and feel more moments of serenity. That you remember you are in control, and you have the choice to intensify your darkness or revive your light.

I hope you learn to accept the things you cannot change. That you do not fight and resist the inevitable. That you listen to your intuition when you sense something is not right; that you are brave enough to walk away. That you realize some things are not meant to be yours forever, and you learn to let those things go gracefully.

I hope you know that loss is temporary; that your heart is the strongest muscle in your body and it will heal itself. That the hollowness in your chest will slowly fade. That warmth and love will overcome the emptiness you feel, and that you’ll find, one day, you are whole again.

I hope you find the strength to forgive those who have hurt you, to acknowledge that it is better to free up that harbored space for something good. That you know you don’t have to express your forgiveness to the person who caused you pain. Because the truest form of forgiveness is done in solitude. It is the moment you stop looking for answers; the moment you choose to create your own closure. It is allowing your bruised soul to finally heal. It is learning to let go of the things that pull you down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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