Goodbye To You My 20s And Thank You For The Lessons Along The Way

João Silas
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I hate goodbyes. But in a couple of weeks, the current chapter of my life will come to an end. And I get teary when I look back at it. I have been through a lot—I must say.

I was still in the university when I turned 20 and I remember the excitement at the thought of working and living on my own but when I graduated, that’s when I learned that there’s a big world out there—a tough one at that. I was used to being around my parents but when I left home, that’s when I realized that it was difficult. I had to take care of my finances, house chores, and literally everything.

I definitely had a great time the first few years. I remember all those nights which lasted until morning. I am grateful to those people who have brought me out of my shell, who helped me not to become a loner and live a little.

But life wasn’t all about happiness. As years went on, I loved and lost. My heart got broken multiple times. I got depressed at the thought of how long will it take for me to reach the perfect happiness which I have always dreamt of as a child.

But everything is all clear to me now and my 20s taught me the biggest lesson of my life.

You cannot have everything in life all at once. Life is not easy; it’s all hard work.

My 20s made me understand that the only way for me to learn is to allow myself to make mistakes over and over again. They didn’t stop me nor judge me. They were there with me along the way and were always ready to pick me up whenever I fell and forced me to keep going and not stop until I told myself that I have had enough and I knew better.

Those years taught me how to be the person that I have become now—my favorite version of me so far.

I have learned that whenever I encounter difficulties, there are always two options: I can go back to safety—my comfort zone or I can go straight forward and grow. We always have a choice no matter how hard life can be.

I have learned that it is still okay to believe in fairy tales, destiny, signs, the stars, and the Universe but it’s not okay to depend on them and let them lead me.

I have learned to write my heart out and never bottle up all my feelings.

I have learned that experiences are way better than material things.

I have learned to enjoy the little things in life.

I have learned that life is short so I should live the moment and enjoy the present.

I have learned not to mind what other people think of me. The only person who knows what’s best for me is only me and I don’t need anyone’s approval.

I have learned that everything in this world is only borrowed and temporary.

I have learned that the heart wants what it wants but you should also use your brain at all times.

I have learned that no matter how painful a thing or a situation is; you will always get through it with a smiling face when it ends.

I have learned that feeling lost is always part my journey and that eventually, all things will fall into its right places at the right time.

I have learned that age is just a number.

I have learned that I should never compare my progress with other people, never rush things and trust God’s timing.

I have learned that I didn’t meet people by accident. I met them with a purpose.

I have learned that I have to cut people out of my life if they’re only adding negativity in it.

I have learned that when all else fails, I have a family who will always be there for me unconditionally.

I have learned not to be afraid to lose what isn’t meant to be.

I have learned to forgive myself for all the mistakes that I have done.

I have learned that nobody is a lost cause—every day is a new beginning to begin again.

I have learned to embrace all my pain and turn it as my greatest strengths.

I have learned that life is not a race.

I have learned that life is not always rainbows and butterflies.

I have learned that life is both painful and beautiful.

My dear 20s, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to you now but I have to. I am now ready to start the next chapter of my life because of you and all of the lessons that you have taught me.

Trust me when I say that those years with you were the best memories that I will relive from time to time with a smiling face.

Thank you for showing me how to live. Thank you because I could have never done it without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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