Goodbye, My Almost Love

Glorie Kris Quilicot
Glorie Kris Quilicot

You were like a dream that I wish would never end.

I met you when I wasn’t looking.

I met you when I no longer hoped for someone to come along.

You introduced me to a new world – a new world where my fantasies became real.

Well, almost.

It was too good to be true.

Right love at the wrong time.

Was it really love?

Or maybe I just loved the idea of having someone like you around.

I don’t know. I still couldn’t find the answer.

You were not my dream guy.

You never fit my standard.

And yet, I fell for you.

I fell for you on our first date. It was like a fairy tale.

I was smitten by your charm and your romantic antics.

You made me laugh.

You were never what I have imagined.

I didn’t intend to like you. You were never my type.

You were persistent and my heart gave in.

I wasn’t supposed to love you. We weren’t supposed to be together.

My heart and mind was in constant argument. But my heart wins. As always.

You were the reason for my sleepless nights.

You’re the culprit why my pillow’s wet.

Yes, I shed tears for you – tears that I think you don’t deserve.

You said that you love me but you were sorry because you will never choose me.

I knew it right from the start that there will never be an us.

We always have been just a you and a me.

You, who loved me only when you’re lonely.

And me, who loved you with all of my heart without questions asked.

For months, I have been trying to resist falling back into your gravity,

I have been trying my might to take the butterflies out of my stomach.

And finally, I have managed.

I still think of you at night.

I still miss you.

But I have to decide because I want to do what’s right.

Don’t ever think that you broke my heart because you never did.

I never hoped for something that you couldn’t give.

So, here I am saying my final goodbye.

Goodbye to the almost that will never be absolute.

We are only a speck of dust in this universe.

But I am grateful that in a fraction of a moment, we collided.

We may never have a happy ending but I wish in another lifetime, we will have our own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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