5 Different Roles Your College Roommate Plays To Save Your Butt Every Day

Karina Carvalho
Karina Carvalho

Leaving home for college is probably one of the most exciting phases in your life. It is the perfect time to meet new friends; a chance to try things you were not allowed to do in high school; and explore all other stuff you have not known before.

You are so thrilled to begin a new chapter in your life as a strong, independent, college student, until your parents dropped you off to your dormitory. As you enter your room, you see an unfamiliar face on the top bunk bed dancing to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. Little did you know that that stranger will be your best bud for the next four years of your life.

Having a roommate is one of the best things you will ever experience during your college years. More than a person sleeping on the upper bunk bed in your room, she also portrays five different roles in your life.

1. Alarm Clock

It is 12 o’clock in the morning and you are just halfway from finishing your 20-page report and you haven’t even studied yet for your quiz at 7 o’clock in the morning. Your eyes are getting heavier as the minute hand of your wall clock moves. As much as you want to keep your body and mind awake, the power of sleepiness just conquers you.

During these times, you know you just can’t trust yourself to get up after five rings and five snoozes from your phone alarm clock and the only alarm clock you know you can lean on to is your roommate who is also currently struggling with her scientific paper.

After a 2-hour nap, your human alarm clock will wake you up with her default ring, “Wake up or get an F.” Now, who wouldn’t get up to that?

2. Nurse

 Maintaining good grades, good health, and active social life all at the same time can sometimes be tough when you are in college. You wanted to get a perfect score in your Elementary Statistics exam so you had to stay up all-night to read all references you have. Then, after taking that spawn-from-hell exam, you decided to drink all your stress away by attending your first ever college party. You surely had a wild one.

The next morning, you woke up to a terrible headache and your temperature increased to 38˚. You wanted your mom to come over, but you realized that she lives 500 kms. away. Good thing you have your roommate. She buys you medicine, she cooks your favourite chicken soup, and she immediately comes back to your room after her classes just to check on you. How great is that to have an on-call nurse?

3. 911

 It is your thesis presentation today! You have your laptop fully charged, your note cards are arranged accordingly, and you arrived at the conference room five minutes early. You are confident that you are well-prepared for your presentation.

When you tried to open your file, a bubble appeared on the screen, “Error occurred! File won’t open.” Uh-oh! It seems your file has been corrupted. You only have 4 minutes left before your presentation. Your back up file is in your flash drive which you have left in your dorm, but if you go back to get it, there is no way you can make it back on time. You sure are in big trouble. It’s time to dial 911 a.k.a. roommie.

You have one minute left and you saw your roommate still with her PJs on, hair all messy, running faster than the wind, while holding your flash drive. Once again, you rommie saved your ass.

4. Copyeditor

Your professor just sent you an email asking you about your late submission of your paper in History. You were so nervous that composing a reply seemed to be the hardest form of writing you have ever encountered. Before sending it, you want to make sure that there is nothing offensive in that message. So, you tell your roommate, “Hey, I wrote my professor an email. Will you please check this for me before I send it?”

Well, this thing also applies when your ex-boyfriend texts you after five months and you don’t know how to reply without looking too thrilled (although you are very, very thrilled and you just want to send him all the love emoticons your system has).

If only your roommate gets a penny every time your message passes through her, she might be the youngest millionaire alive.

5. Sister

Your roommate was the first person to see you cry when you failed your Trigonometry exam. Your roommate was the person you shared your first cup of coffee with. Your roommate was the person you attended your first college party with. Your roommate was the person you have always spent the night with studying.

She’s the one taking care of you when you’re drunk. She’s the one yelling at you when you feel lazy to go to class. She’s the one who cheers with you when you top an exam. She’s the one who cries with you when your favorite character in a t.v. series died.

Your roommate is that one person you never expected her to be. From being a stranger who dances to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk to a sister who you know you can always count on to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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