8 Things About Art And Creativity Everyone Needs To Know

As they say, the earth without an “art” would plainly be “eh.” Okay, I do not want to sound cliché anymore. Anyway, read on to make you appreciate the world of art and creativity even more (or somehow like it if you are not a fan). Here we go!

1. Art may be subjective and a cave to be unearthed but it technically, it is only black and white. You can either have cash flow or cash low if you happen to integrate business to it. In the former, using your paintbrush and ink, you can smear something into a canvas and have it sold for a huge amount of penny. Otherwise, for the latter, not a single soul will be willing to spend their dollar or worse take a look at your illustration. This deserves a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

2. Being into the arts does not necessarily mean obtaining big bucks. The feeling you get after creating something is already the prize which money cannot compensate. Just when you compose a song along with incorporating its melody, you feel that you have already accomplished something even without a singer and a record label to make your music known to the world yet.

3. You are uncertain in which path to opt after finishing a degree in the field of arts: public speaking, writing, theater arts, advertising, photography and film among others. Most have no immediate job waiting for them after they have graduated. Unlike in other programmes such as criminology which entitles one to be a policeman (not to be a criminal though). This only shows that we have a larger scope of career path to choose from. This is a bit confusing especially if you are great at everything aforementioned.

4. At times, people would underestimate the things you do in the field of art. Let us say for an instance that you are taking up a program major in Photography/Film. It would hurt an inch to hear someone saying “Cool, that’s your major. I am a mechanical engineer student and it’s just my hobby during my leisure time.” This scenario makes you want to punch them in their face but you can’t.

5. Creative people cannot stand grinding within the 8-9 hour daily work structure. Remember that pondering is part of the job. Their boss’ nose might fume, leading to scolding them for not doing anything at work. Well, it seems that they are on idle mode but they are actually not. The truth is, at that moment, they are conceptualizing a big idea for the soon-to-make-a-great-noise advertisement.

6. Feelings of sadness, fear and anger among others can be the genesis of your creativity. These emotions especially if in its extremity, can boost your ingenuity. The pain that keeps you alive is the name of the game, being a source of life’s great lessons one needs to know and learn from can be used to produce art.

7. As much as we give importance to concrete and bigger things in life, art should never be forgotten for it makes life go round. People give too much focus on a whole range of human endeavors—business and politics that they forget to pay attention to little things, which are big in reality. Mind you, a picture/puzzle is made up of (thousand words, not really) tiny pixels/pieces that a single one gets lost, it will never be complete.

8. Some would misconstrue you as a person who is into drugs. Several would suggest you to see a psychiatrist. Many would even label you as weird. Truth be told, you have your own world. You are an imagination junkie for a good purpose. You are still better than the normal ones because for the reason that you can create something out of nothing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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