These 3 Unconventional Self-Care Tips Will Keep You Looking Ageless

I turned 45 a few days ago.

Working up to my birthday, I spent a good chunk of time going over pics on my phone, reading old journal entries, and looking up old friends from high school to see what they’re up to.

Marriage. Kids. Extra weight in the belly. Wrinkles and grey hair. Pretty much the same story that we associate with getting older.

But when I was talking with my dear friend, I pointed out how she doesn’t age at all, even with four kids at home. And everyone thinks I’m 32.  So, is it that we just have good genes?


But here’s what I think keeps us looking ageless:

1. Don’t associate age with meaning.

Yes, aging brings changes to your body, mind, and so much more. But it’s the meaning you attach to those changes that will determine how you feel about your age.

If you think turning 45 means you’re old, you’re going to act old. And having an “I’m too old” (or “too young”) attitude is a killer of taking new, exciting leaps in your career/life/relationships.

Rather than associate a negative meaning to aging, do the opposite. Identify all the ways you can embrace getting older and stay open to what each new year of life brings you — body aches, gray hairs, and all.

2. Do the inner work first.

There are two things I’ve invested in for over 25 years (before any juice cleanses or daily workouts): self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Why?

Because if you don’t know who you are and how you got to be that way, you can’t possibly know how to make the most of the biggest asset you have in life: YOU.

Developing a deep intimacy with yourself puts you in a space of constant love, wonderment, and gratitude. This positive relationship only brings more positivity toward you. When you value yourself to such a high degree, you can’t help but ooze a radiance that’s timeless.

3. Say goodbye well.

If there’s one thing I don’t have in my life, it’s regret. Regret is a killer of the soul.

Have I made mistakes and wished I had done things differently in my love relationships, with friends, or in my career? Absolutely. But I’ve learned to turn those moments into fuel to grow better and release what’s done with a good goodbye.

By meeting any regret, guilt, or shame you have with compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness, you can free your heart from bearing the burden of the past and liberate yourself into the future with ageless wonder.

Getting older is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be a robber of your youthfulness.

You can feel and look any age you want. And it starts within.

So rather than spend $400 on a bottle of La Mer to get that youthful glow, do the inner work of getting to know and love yourself to kickstart your age-reversal process. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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