Choose To Heal, Even When It’s Difficult

Choose to heal; choose it every day. Choose to move forward from all the things that don’t help you grow, that don’t help you get to where you want to be.

Choose to take that first step away. Choose to not look back to the things that once made you question your value, worth, and importance. Choose to fix your eyes on what you want to achieve and stay away from the uncertainties, worries, doubts, fears, and ambiguities.

Choose to heal piece by piece. The process may not be easy. It may take days, months, or even years, but choose to get it through. Choose to pick up the pieces—it may be yourself, your heart, your dreams and aspirations. Pick it up and slowly rebuild it, slowly bring it back, slowly put it back together. No one else will do that job for you, so choose to do it piece by piece, fragment by fragment, one step at a time.

Choose to heal. Please never stop choosing it, even when it feels difficult. Never give up on healing on your own and finally say, “I am full; I am whole.” Do not rush, because it is all about your own phase and timeline, not theirs. Even if some days it feels like your chest will explode from the weight of your own emotions, even if all the unsaid feelings want to find their own way out, even if it feels like you are trapped in a dark cold cage of nothingness, choose to heal.

Choose to heal, even if it is only a fraction of progress. Do not expect to get there as soon as possible, because there will be times you will have to go back to where you started or from where you last left off—it is okay. It is not a smooth trail, as you know. There will be times you will have to rest as well, because sometimes there are days harder than the others. There are moments where you will have to stop to muster the courage that you need to go through the next phase. So do not rush the progress, for as long as you know you can keep going, that’s a good enough reason for you to continue.

Choose to heal. Choose to find those better days ahead.

You will eventually get there.

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Gizelle Alaba

Pen & Paper