Life Will Reward You If You Just Wait

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Your time will come, you’ll have your turn too. It feels like as if there are no more chances left for you and the world just started to turn upside down. But for now, just hold on. Just continue believing that one day, the universe will finally reward you.

Continue believing. You are courageous. Continue to hold on to that dream that better days are ahead, that there will always be rainbows after the rain. Sun will shine after the dark storm. Flowers will bloom in season and so will you.

Continue fighting. No matter how hard the battle of life is, stay on course. Don’t get off the track. Don’t get distracted. Focus and fix your steps. Afterall, the wounded pieces of yourself turned out to be the best scars that define how well you are braving all of life’s uncertainties.

Continue breathing. Even if your chest feels a bit tighter, know that you will still survive. You are gonna make it. Don’t lose hope and believe that eventually, you’ll thank yourself that you didn’t give up.

Continue chasing your dreams. Run to them. Hold them tightly. No matter how unimaginable they seem, never doubt your potential, your talent, and yourself. Make it happen; make it real.

Continue to survive. Life knows how much you sacrificed, it knows how much you have let go. Life knows how deep your wounds are and it knows how much you’ve endured.

But for now, life wants you to wait for a bit longer. The universe will come back to you with warm open arms and give back all the things you are deserving of, things you have waited for, things you prayed hard for.

Just stay right there, just a little bit longer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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